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I have been working at Clearlink for over a month now and have really started to settle in and understand the majority of my role.

Who is Clearlink?

Clearlink is kind of hard to define because they do so many different things for a wide variety of clients. In a nutshell, they use different strategies and tactics to improve other companies' marketing, sales, and communication with their clients.

What is SocialX?

When I was hired at Clearlink, I was placed on a specific team. …

I am hoping to break into the customer success world and have found that many companies use Zendesk to communicate with their customers. I decided to complete a two-hour Udemy course to gain a better understanding of how to navigate Zendesk and all of its features.

The course was $15, and I was able to follow along with the videos and exercises by signing up for a free trial of Zendesk. I really learned a lot!

So what is Zendesk?

Zendesk is like a CRM but more! CRMs just store information, but Zendesk allows you to actually have a relationship…

Welcome to the landing page of my month-long project! This month, I learned all I could about analyzing data and improving the customer experience for a company called BondVet. I learned how to write cold email scripts and create a calendar to control the frequency of when posts, ads, and emails are being sent out. I became more proficient in streamlining the process of responding to customer inquiries. I learned how to use different software to do an audit of BondVet’s website and analyze insights. I was able to find what was working and where there was room for improvement…

This month, I am working on increasing customer success and engagement for a company called BondVet. For a full overview of the project click here.

This week, I worked on the final pieces of my project. I took the insights that I found in week three and created Facebook ads to increase engagement. Then, I took the cold emails, automated email, ads, and ideas for new articles and added them to a content calendar I created in Airtable.

What I planned to do:

  1. Create three Facebook ads
  2. Write a blog about how to create Facebook ads
  3. Sign up for Airtable

This month I am going to find as many ways to add value to BondVet as I possibly can. At the end of the month, BondVet will have stronger systems in place for handling customer success and a full marketing strategy and content calendar. This will help drive sales as they are consistently posting new content.

By the end of the month…

  • I will create a Chatbot for them so that their inquiring customers can reach out to them for immediate answers.
  • I will set up TextExpander to streamline the process of responding to customer inquiries.
  • I will create an…

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Over the past month, I have been finding as many ways as possible to increase customer engagement for BondVet. I have created an automated welcome email, three cold emails, three Facebook ads, and used BuzzSumo to come up with ideas for new content.

I set up Airtable to organize everything I have created and the ideas I have for new content. I also included a couple of posts that are currently live on BondVet’s sites as well as a made-up article to show the ‘Live’ and ‘Cancelled’ statuses that Airtable features.

BondVet will benefit from having a social media calendar…

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Last week I used BuzzSumo to view the insights on BondVet’s website. BuzzSumo measures the amount of engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. And since it’s missing Instagram, I took a look at BondVet’s Instagram from a viewer's perspective.

Facebook ads

I found that BondVet’s Facebook content is hit or miss. Some of their pages receive a lot of engagement but the majority don’t receive any at all. You can click here to read more about what I found last week or click here to watch how I navigated BuzzSumo.

Running Facebook ads will help raise brand awareness, increase…

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This month, I am working on increasing customer success and engagement for a company called BondVet. For a full overview of the project click here.

This week, I did an audit of BondVet’s website to find any errors that need to be fixed or things that could be improved to make the visitor experience better. I also found a tool that would allow me to see how many engagements BondVet’s social media posts were getting. I was able to view what works and what doesn’t and come up with an action plan to improve engagement.

This week was different because…

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SEMrush is a marketing software that helps you run SEO, pay-per-click, social media, and content marketing campaigns. When you type in your website’s URL, it pulls information to show you how your site, campaigns, ads, etc., are running.

This is useful because it will show what BondVet is doing well, what is effective, and what needs attention and can be improved.

When I ran a site audit on SEMrush, this is what I found:

Two pages have the same meta description

A meta description provides a brief summary of a webpage. …

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I signed up for a 30 day free trial with Buzzsumo to take a peek at how BondVet’s social media content was performing. Buzzsumo is a tool that gives insight on how a website’s content performs, helps you generate new ideas for content, and identifies influencers that you should target.

The tool generates insights for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. Since it is missing Instagram, I took a look at BondVet’s Instagram from a viewer's perspective.

What I found:

BondVet has the strongest presence on Instagram with around 13 thousand followers and 150–500 likes per post.

Their Facebook posts seem…

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