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“Qualities You Need to Be Successful in Sales”

Being successful in sales is measured by one’s ability to sell their product or service to someone else.

Here are the top three qualities you need to be successful in sales demonstrated through my personal experience as a caretaker for a young lady with cerebral palsy.


Landing a sale is a process that entails several tasks. You have to search for leads, make contact with the prospective client, and you may have to do follow up calls or meet with them in person. Then, you have to negotiate. You have to go back and forth with the customer until you can settle a deal.

If you have a position in sales, you have to have the persistence to see an opportunity through, from beginning to end.

You must consistently remind your prospective clients how great your product or service is and how it’s going to improve their life in some way.

I developed this characteristic when I was working as a personal caretaker. I taught life skills to a young lady with cerebral palsy, named Ainsley. I had to be persistent with Ainsley on many aspects. I was constantly reminding her that she needed to wash the dishes or do her laundry and how I would be more than happy to help her. She always promised she would do her chores the following day but that next day when I would come over, they still wouldn’t be done. I had to find a way to convince her that adults who are living on their own have to be responsible and hold themselves accountable.

Eventually, she got tired of me asking her everyday why her chores weren’t done. She then realized that if she did her chores before I came over, we would have more time to do fun activities.


To work in a sales position, you must be organized. You have to find a system to keep track of leads, contacts, opportunities, meetings, and phone calls. You also need to be aware of how highly prioritized each task is. Some opportunities will bring in more revenue than others as well as just generally being a better fit and having better use for your product.

In my own experience, I have found that having a task manager set up on my laptop and phone can be extremely effective in keeping track of the day, week, or month’s tasks. Having a place to create quick to do lists for everyday has helped me to ensure that I am keeping up with my work and goals.

This can easily be carried over to sales. Creating a calendar where you can enter upcoming commitments and tasks that need to be completed by a certain date, will help you ensure that you are getting things done.


Being confident in yourself and in your product is very important. You are more likely to have success with your sale if you believe in your ability to sell a product and your product’s ability to have a helpful impact on the customer.

You should be confident in your ability to hold a conversation. You need to have good public speaking skills and be an effective listener as well. The ability to hear the customer out, find out what they need, and whether your product will fill that need is crucial. The goal should never be to sell your product to someone who doesn’t need it.

This is another skill that I developed in my personal caretaker position. I had to sell to Ainsley, the idea of buying fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, when she only wanted to buy frozen pizzas.

I found that I could only persuade her to buy healthy food if I confidently expressed to her how much better fruits and veggies are for her. I would enthusiastically explain to her how having a healthy diet makes you feel better and gives you energy.

This really resonated for her because she had just started her first job and also had just gotten a new puppy. Between working and caring for an animal, she found herself more tired than usual. I told her that having a healthy diet could be a good start to improving her energy.

I believe that confidence is the driving force behind the motivation to find leads and pursue them. If you are confident in your product, you will naturally think to yourself, there are people out there who need this and I am going to find them.