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I have been working at Clearlink for over a month now and have really started to settle in and understand the majority of my role.

Who is Clearlink?

Clearlink is kind of hard to define because they do so many different things for a wide variety of clients. In a nutshell, they use different strategies and tactics to improve other companies' marketing, sales, and communication with their clients.

What is SocialX?

When I was hired at Clearlink, I was placed on a specific team. So basically, I only work with one client’s social media accounts as opposed to doing a little bit for all of Clearlink’s clients.

We use the software Khoros to monitor all of the client’s social media accounts. Khoros pulls any post that tags the company, uses specific hashtags, or mentions the company’s products, into the platform for us to view.

I learned the client’s specific tone and voice, what they like to engage with, what they don’t, and how to filter through Khoros and find the best quality photos.

After I have found a Twitter post that is engageable or a photo on Instagram that is good quality, I work on drafting a response. The tone and voice of the company that I write for is conversational, optimistic, and daring. So keeping those things in mind, I try to come up with three different responses, and then I pick the best one.

What I’ve learned

1. Not every response is going to be a grand slam.

It’s currently spring and I have seen hundreds of flower pictures posted. There are only a few ways to say “Wow, those flowers are gorgeous!”

2. People aren’t always going to take your response the way you mean it. (Even if you make it really obvious.)

Someone posted a picture of the client’s product that they had just purchased. One of my coworkers came in and commented, “Love to see it. Happy to have you on our team!”

The author of the post then came in and said, “Wow, I’ve been on your team for years now and I’m just now getting a welcome.”

3. The most successful responses are so fulfilling.

When you come up with something creative, or humorous, or you just clearly took the time to point out something specific about the post and the author has a really positive reaction to it, it gives you those warm, happy, feelings every time!

An example of a copy that I’ve written that resulted in a really cute conversation that was hopefully as memorable for the user as it was for me, was on a photo of a cute dog asleep on the lawn with the caption, “Meet Bagheera.”

I came in and said, “Looking after the man-cub is hard work.”

I was really hoping that the user would get The Jungle Book reference since they named the dog Bagheera, but you never know.

Luckily, they got it. They came back and said, “Truer words have never been spoken.”

Wrapping things up

I’m really enjoying my new job so far and it has been so fun to tap into a creative part of me that I forgot existed.

It’s really interesting to see how quickly your mind can adapt to having a creative mindset as well. I think back to my first-week writing responses and how frustrated I was because I could not think of any way to respond that was even remotely interesting.

I still have times where I get stuck, but those times are getting fewer and farther between. And when they do, I know I can count on my brilliant, creative, coworkers to give input and ideas and pull me out of the rut.

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